Cobble Grey LED XXL bulb Pastel line Spiral filament 4W E27 Dimmable 2100K

SKU: DL700190

55.70 €

Light bulb type: LED
Shape: Cobble
Fitting: E27
Width: 220 mm
Length: 245 mm
Volt: 220/240V
Watt: 4W
Energy efficiency class: A
Light color: 2100 K
Lumen: 150 Lm
Dimmable: Yes

Our bulbs with straight filament can work with all DIMMERS (TRIA or IGBT), while for curved filament bulbs, IGBT dimming is highly recommended.

For the choice of the dimmer: in addition to the maximum power of the user, the minimum power must also be considered, because when the regulated power is lower than the minimum rating, the user can "flicker" and / or be damaged.

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