Posaluce Metal for lampshade our metal table lamp complete with fabric cable switch and 2-pin plug


31.70 €

Posaluce in white metal with E27 threaded lamp holder:

Diameter: 12 cm
Depth: 8 cm
Fitting: E27 - Max 77 W
CE certified
E27 double ferrule lamp holder in bakelite
IMQ certified 2-pin 2.5 A plug. Made in Italy
Creative-Cables fabric-covered round cable:2 metres (150 cm from plug to switch + 50 cm from switch to Posaluce) 2 x 0.75, HAR certified. Made in Italy

Cable/finish combinations: RN01/Glossy white; RM01/Matt White; RT41/Black; RD64/Chrome; RC23/Copper; RM19/Brass; RM26/Black Pearl; RM03/Brushed Titanium; RN06/Brushed Copper; ERM42/Brushed Bronze

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