Made in Italy suspension with 6 pendants complete with bulbs, fabric cable, and coloured ceramic finishes


278.90 €

Spider Ceramic suspension with 6 pendants consists of:
- 120 mm Ø Ceramic ceiling rose complete with ceiling anchoring system, 1 Threaded tube, 1 Transparent strain relief cable clamp. 1 Threaded ceiling hook, 1 Chrome-plated spherical terminal block to be used if the central hole is not used.
- 6 E27 ENEC-IMQ certified thermoplastic lamp holders with ceramic cup in the chosen finish. Max 105 W for each lamp holder.
- 6 lengths of H03VVF 2 x 0.75 IMQ-HAR certified cable of 4 m each
- 6 cable clamps in thermoplastic material, CE certified.
- 2 5-way WAGO connectors to EN 60998 standard. Nominal section: 2 x 0.2-2.5 mm² for rigid or flexible cables. Nominal voltage: 450 V. Nominal current: 24 A. Stripped length: 9 mm (+1 mm).
- 6 hook anchors for fixing cable to ceiling.
- Finish/cable combinations: RM01/White, RS82/Cream, RM10/Yellow, RM18/Green, RM07/Lilac, RM09/Red, RM04/Black

Bulb [DL7001110DA]: Led, G95, 4 W, 400 Lm, 2200K, E27, A +, width 95 mm, height 140 mm, dimmable.

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