Spider - 3-light multi-pendant Made in Italy lamp featuring fabric cable and metal finishes


55.80 €

Spider - 3-light pendant lamp comprises:
Cylinder metal ceiling rose with a centre hole and two side holes:
Diameter: 120 mm.
Hole diameter: 10 mm
3 E27 lamp holders - Max 105W for each lamp holder
3 sections of 2x0.75 cable IMQ-HAR certified.
Length of individual pendants: 220 /120 / 220cm
Cable/finish combinations: RZ04/White, RF15/Black, RX12/Chromed, RN06/Coppered, ERD21/Brass
EC certified.

Bulb for White finish [DL700222]: LED, G155, 6W, 540 Lm, 2700K, E27, A+, width 155mm, height 200mm, dimmable
Bulb for Black finish [CBL700110]: LED, G125, 4W, 470 Lm, 2700K, E27, A+, width 125 mm, height 178 mm, dimmable
Bulb for Chrome finish [ES18E180DGLB]: LED, Egg, 4W, 100 Lm, 2200K, E27, B, width 180mm, height 270mm, dimmable
Bulb for Copper finish [DL700246]: LED, Delo, 6W, 540 Lm, 2700K, E27, A+, width 180 mm, height 195 mm, dimmable
Bulb for Bronze finish [DL700242]: LED, Creta, 6W, 540 Lm, 2700K, E27, A+, width 118mm, height, 130mm, dimmable

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