2-light pendant lamp with 675 mm rectangular XXL Rose-One, featuring fabric cable and metal finishes


96.50 €

Multi-pendant lamp comprising:
Rose-One ceiling rose with cover in Dibond:
Width: 675 mm
Length: 225 mm
Hole diametre: 10 mm
120 cm of 2x0.75 cable IMQ-HAR certified per each pendant
Clear plastic cable clamp (1 per hole)
2 E27 lamp holders - Max 105W for each lamp holder
Mounting brackets
6 plugs and 6 rubber cable duct seals are included for the side holes.
EC certified.

Bulb [DL700222]: LED, G155, E27, 155 mm, 200 mm, 220/240V, 6W, Class: A+. 2700 K, 540 Lm, dimmable.

Rose-One is a Creative-Cables patented product.
Installation must be performed by qualified operators in compliance with regulations on the installation of electrical equipment in force in the country where products are installed.

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