Posaluce Leather our table lamp in leather complete with fabric cable switch and 2-pin plug


77.70 €

Posaluce, the wooden table lamp covered in leather

Diameter: 124 mm
Depth: 101 mm
Fitting: E27 - Max 70 W
CE certified - Made in Italy
Plug and switch colour: transparent
IMQ certified 2-Pin 2.5 A plug. Made in Italy
Creative-Cables fabric-covered round cable:2 metres (150 cm from plug to switch + 50 cm from switch to Posaluce) 2 x 0.75, HAR certified.Made in Italy

Bulb for Black finish [ES18G125BO]:Led, G125, 4 W, 100 Lm, 2200K, E27, B, width 125 mm, height 172 mm, dimmable
Bulb for Burgundy finish [DL700142]:

Led, G95, 5 W, 250 Lm, 2000K, E27, A, width 95 mm, height 135 mm, dimmable
Bulb for Tan finish [DL700179]:Led, G125, 5 W, 150 Lm, 2000K, E27, B, width 125 mm, height 175 mm, dimmable

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