E14 Bulb R50 6W 550Lm 3000K

SKU: 50-650-07-300

8.61 €

High quality LED bulbs that use 6 watts to provide 550 lumens of warm light 3000K. Designed for domestic and commercial environments, they create a very pleasant atmosphere. They are equivalent to 45 watts and can reduce your energy consumption by up to 80% with an extremely long life of 25.000 hours.

Dimensions (mm): 87x50
Lamp holder: E14
Power (W): 6
Light temperature (K): 3000
Brightness (Lm): 550
LIFESPAN (h): 25.000
Dimmable: No
Frequency (Hz): 50
Beam angle: 120º
ON/OFF: 13.000
CRI: 80
Voltage (V): 175-250
Pcs / Pack: 1

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